In one of the toilets in the exclusive private club there was a glory hole and during opening hours one of the girls had to work here.

One of the stages in the recruitment process was a test how the girl would perform in this room. The test started out with a dildo sticking out of the hole. It was up to the girl to show what she would do with a cock without a visible body. 

The entire session was filmed and reviewed and when she performed well she was tested with again only this time it would be the owners cock presented to her.

Awesome dildo-on-the-wall scene!

Here’s an awesome scene from our friends over at Hot Sex Toys.

This lovely lass is trying out for a glory hole gig. Only thing is the member she’s interacting with is just a dildo.

Ha! Did I say just a dildo?

She doesn’t seem to realize it’s not the real thing! Go, baby, go!